Music To Feed Your Soul

As a distraction from all of the nightmarish developments happening in our country (and around the globe) right now, my friend and I have started up a music club. We decide on an album to listen to; one week she picks, the next I do. Then, we go off and listen to the album forContinue reading “Music To Feed Your Soul”

Early Noughties Reverie

Over the past week, I have watched Freaky Friday, Mickey Blue Eyes, The Holiday and Meet The Parents, and can thereby confirm no era did lighthearted comedy like the early Noughties. Full disclosure: Mickey Blue Eyes was actually released in ’99, but you see what I mean… I wonder if I am the only oneContinue reading “Early Noughties Reverie”

An Ode to Curly-Haired Imperfections and Expensive Stilettos

It is Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday today, which means two things: I am spending my evening re-watching old episodes of Sex And The City (…it would be rude not to) and Parker looks absolutely incredible for her 51 years of age! Oh, that whole “you should never ask a lady her age” thing, yeah IContinue reading “An Ode to Curly-Haired Imperfections and Expensive Stilettos”