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Believe it or not, we are now closer to 2022 than 2020 at this point in the year… I know. And I would totally put the inspiring, terrible and strange events of the past couple of weeks down to some kind of astrological reasoning… ‘Cancer Rising’ or ‘Mercury in Retrograde’… isn’t that what the Astrologers blame it on when everything starts to go crazy? Unfortunately, I think it’s just humans being humans, and there’s always a hamartia when it comes to us.

From Britney being denied removal of her conservatorship, to Bill Cosby being released from prison and Matt Hancock’s illicit affair whilst flouting social distancing rules, it’s been a messy few weeks. It’s not all bad though; England is in the Euros final against Italy and will play tonight in the hopes of bringing football home. This inspiring event has even caused iconic 00’s girl band Atomic Kitten to reunite and officially release ‘Southgate You’re The One (Football’s Coming Home Again)’. Twelve year old me is screaming…

Denmark v England Semi Final – Image via Gabriela Godinho-Moxon

With society only eight days away from fully reopening here in the U.K. when all Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted, I wonder are things going to get even crazier? Probably. It’s almost like we are all trying to make up for lost time spent in lockdown baking banana bread and watching Tiger King. Gosh, wasn’t that like a decade ago?

There is a real mixture of opinions, of course, with regard to whether people want life to return to full “normalcy” just yet, or if it is irresponsible given the rise in coronavirus cases from the Delta variant. Many people are understandably anxious about The Great Reopening, while others are counting down the days like a child at Christmas with a Cadbury advent calendar.

Regardless of what you believe, I’m sure we can all agree that life is certainly moving at speed again. With a Summer of sport upon us – including Wimbledon, the Euros and the Olympics – bars and restaurants reopening and reunions with loved ones, there are many reasons to celebrate.

So, perhaps the frenetic nature of the past few weeks is down to the cosmos, or maybe, it’s just us trying hard to make up for lost time, seize the day and cram it all in. Honestly, it makes sense. Many of us feel as though we lost some prime years in the pandemic. I was 25 when we went into the first lockdown and 27 by the time we came out of the last one. Plans were put on hold, holidays were cancelled, deadlines were pushed back and life lost its colour for awhile. It all got a bit grey and well, you were there…

I know things are far from ideal right now, but it does feel as though if we are lucky enough to be healthy, vaccinated and coming out the other side of this year, we should shout “YES!” obnoxiously loudly and grab every opportunity that comes our way with aplomb. The colourful hues are slowly coming back now. So, if you feel ready for it, grab your England shirt and go have some adventures – with the unique and grounding perspective that only living through a global pandemic could possibly grant you. #itscominghome

Published by Gabriela Godinho-Moxon

I'm a twenty-seven-year-old writer, actor and creative, based in London. An espresso-powered bookworm with a probably unhealthy Jared Leto obsession and an ability to quote every line from most 00s rom-coms.

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